Our Menu

Daily Lunch Specials, Soup of the Day, Burgers, Sandwiches, Steaks and Seafood with great sides and salads…. We have it all!!!



Club Sandwich– NAF 21,60 /  $ 12.00
Toasted sliced bread with chicken bacon, Gouda cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Shoarma Chicken — NAF 18.00/ $ 10.00
Chicken cooked with Turk spices, served with lettuce, tomato and garlic sauce in a pita bread shell. Choose your favorite sauce.

Hamburger– NAF 19.80/ $ 11.00
Homemade Black Angus beef burger, served lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Add blue cheese $2.50 Add bacon $3.50

Cheeseburger — NAF 28.80/ $ 16.00
Homemade Black Angus beef burger with American cheese served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Serve with fries. Add bacon $3.50

                       Fish Burger With lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. Served with French fries and your favorite sauce.

  •   Mahi-Mahi– NAF 32.20/$18.00
  •   Salmon–NAF 34.20/$19.00

Grilled Chicken Sandwich — NAF 25.20/ $ 14.00
Tender grilled chicken breast with lettuce and tomato. Serve with fries. Add cheese $2.00 Add bacon $3.50

Conch Sandwich — NAF 34.20 / $ 19.00
Fresh conch with sautéed peppers and onion. Served with fries

Pulled Chicken Quesadillas–NAF 25.20/$14.00 With shredded chicken and Mexican cheese. Served with Guacamole.

Cheese Quesadillas–NAF 18.00/$10.00 With Mexican cheese. Served with Pico de Gallo.

           Cappuccino Wrap Sautéed with onions and peppers and served with your favorite sauce

  •                    Chicken–NAF 18.00/$10.00
  •  Steak–NAF 27.00/$15.00
  • Mahi-Mahi–NAF 25.20/$14.00
  •   Shrimp–NAF 25.20/$14.00
  • Salmon–NAF 27.00/$15.00    

All sandwiches are served with your choice of coleslaw, green salad or vegetables.       


Eggs — NAF 19.80 / $ 11.00
You tell us how… Bacon or sausage served with toast and home fries

Steak & Eggs — NAF 34.20/ $ 19.00
Juicy sirloin steak, sunny side up eggs served with toast and home fries. Garnished with fruits.

Cappuccino Omelets — NAF 19.80 $ 11.00
Onion, mushrooms, peppers, cheese and ham served with toast and home fries.

Egg Benedict — NAF 23.40/ $ 13.00
English muffins, bacon or ham and poached
eggs topped with cappuccino’s Hollandaise sauce served with home fries.

Almond Pancakes — NAF 21.60/ $ 12.00
Pancakes with almond flavor  served with eggs and bacon or sausage

 Banana & Strawberry Waffles– NAF 19.80/$11.00  Waffles topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, whipped cream and cinnamon powder.

               Waffles– NAF 23.40/$13.00  Served with scrambled eggs, bacon bits and cheddar cheese.

   Grand Marnier French toast — NAF 21.60/ $ 12.00 Orange flavored French toast dusted with powder cinnamon sugar served with scramble eggs and bacon or sausage.

English Muffins — NAF 23.40 $ 13.00 Served with eggs, ham, cheese and home fries garnished with fruits

Fresh Fruits Salad — NAF 16.20 / $ 9.00
Grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, orange. When available only.

Mini Fruit Salad NAF 9.00/$5.00


Fresh Grilled Lobster– NAF 52.20/ $29.00 per lb.
              Grilled lobster with butter lemon butter sauce served with salad. Additional sides $4.00

Grilled Mahi-Mahi– NAF 39.60/ $ 22.00
Grilled Mahi Mahi fillet served with your favorite sauce and two sides.

Whole Snapper– NAF 43.20/ $ 24.00 per lb.
Grilled, fried or baked in a foil with onion, pepper and tomatoes.

Grilled Salmon — NAF 43.20/ $ 24.00
Grilled salmon served with vegetables.

Garlic Shrimp– NAF 39.60 / $ 22.00
Jumbo shrimps sautéed with garlic, wine and parsley.

Seafood Creole — NAF 41.40 / $ 23.00
Mahi Mahi, Salmon and Shrimps served with creole sauce and two of your favorite sides.

Chicken Parmesan– NAF 32.40 / $ 18.00
Breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

BBQ Ribs — NAF 28.80/ $ 16.00
A rack of ribs marinated with barbeque sauce.

BBQ Ribs & Chicken — NAF 32.40/ $ 18.00
A generous portion of ribs and chicken
marinated with barbeque.

T-Bone Steak– NAF 59.49/ $ 33.00
Grilled 14 oz steak served with mushroom sauce. Served with 2 sides

Ribeye Steak– NAF 63.00 / $ 36.00
Grilled 14 oz bone in rib eye steak, cowboy. Served with green salad, coleslaw or vegetables. Additional sides $4.00

 Steak & Shrimp–NAF 46.80/$26.00 8oz. juicy Sirloin steak topped with grilled shrimp. Served with mushroom sauce or any of your favorite sauce.

 All meals are served with a choice of French fries, mashed potatoes or rice & peas and another choice of green salad, coleslaw or vegetables unless indicated. Additional $2.00 if green fried plantains prefered. Additional $1.00 if Caesar salad is prefered.

Side Green Plantain/Sweet Plantain–NAF 9.00/$5.00 


Buffalo Wings — NAF 18.00 / $ 10.00 BBQ or spicy-served with blue cheese or your favorite sauce.

Calamari Rings — NAF 18.00 / $ 10.00 Served with your favorite sauce

Coconut Shrimp — NAF 19.80/ $ 11.00 Served with chili sauce or your favorite.

 Mozzarella  Sicks– NAF 16.20/ $9.00 Choose your favorite sauce.

 Cappuccino Snack Combo — NAF 25.20/$14.00 Popcorn chicken, calamari rings, mozzarella sticks, fried plantains and chicken leg. Served with two of your favorite sauce.

Chicken Croquettes–NAF 16.20/$9.00 Served with creamy mustard sauce.

Cheesy Garlic Bread — NAF 7.20/$4.00


                Garlic, blue cheese, mushrooms, BBQ, creole, sweet chili, ranch, marinara and tartar.                                     Additional sauce will be charged


 Garden Salad — NAF 16.20/$9.00 Lettuce, tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots, black olives, peppers and onions. Served with our homemade vinaigrette dressing. Add eggs, ham or cheese $2.50 each

Caesars Salad — NAF 18.00/ $10.00 Served with croutons and our homemade caesar dressing

Chicken Caesars Salad  — NAF25.20 / $14.00 Grilled chicken breast, croutons and homemade caesar dressing.

   Shrimp Caesars Salad — NAF 30.60/$17.00 Grilled shrimp, croutons and homemade caesar dressing.

All salads are served with garlic bread.


Conch Soup — NAF 23.40  / $13.00 Fresh conch cooked with carrots, potatoes, celery and dumplings. 

                                            Chicken Soup — NAF 16.20/ $9.00 Chicken leg cooked with carrots, potatoes, celery and dumplings. 

All soups are served with garlic bread. Ranch dressing available for $1.10



  Margarita Pizza — NAF 28.80 / $16.00 Goat cheese and basil.

Hawaiian Pizza — NAF 30.60/ $17.00 Ham and pineapples

Italian Pizza–NAF 32.40/$18.00 Italian sausages, ham and roasted peppers.

Build Your Own Pizza–NAF 21.60/$12.00 Onions, peppers, mushrooms, pineapples, corn or black olives- $1.50 Ham, pepperoni, goat cheese or Italian sausages-$3.00, BBQ Chicken oo bacon-$5.50



Spaghetti Bolognaise–NAF 27.00/$15.00 Cooked with traditional Italian meat sauce.

Chicken Alfredo– NAF 32.40 / $ 18.00 Fettuccini cooked with chicken in a delicious homemade Alfredo sauce.

Shrimp Fettuccini — NAF 36.00 /$ 20.00 Cooked with our delicious homemade Alfredo sauce.

Seafood Fettuccini– NAF 39.60/ $ 22.00 Mahi-Mahi, Salmon and Shrimp cooked in our delicious homemade Alfredo sauce.

Fettuccini Primavera– NAF 27.00/ $ 15.00 Broccoli, carrots, onions and peppers cooked in Alfredo sauce.

Beef Lasagna– NAF 34.20 / $19.00 Delicious homemade beef and Italian sausages lasagna.

All pastas are served with garlic bread.